What’s a sticky situation!

So you spilled oil on your carpet!

You’ve heard rumors it will never come out!

All the carpet cleaners in the world, say don’t use soap on your carpet; Well this is one time, you have permission to do exactly that!… but you have to be sure, to use the right soap.

In this case, I would use a clear formulation of Dawn dish washing soap.  The procedure is relatively simple… first, you must blot up as much oil from your carpet as possible, this is best done with paper towels.  Once most of the oil has been removed from your carpet, via blotting, take a few extra pieces of paper towel, folding them in quarters, and lay them flat on the oil spot.  You will want to place something with a little weight on top of the paper towels, to aid in absorption and to remove more oil from your carpet.  Switch out the flat paper towels every 10 minutes for about an hour.

Once this is completed, this is when we use the Dawn dish soap. Mix up a solution of 1 part Dawn dish soap to 4 parts water and apply the solution mildly to were the oil spot is. Then agitate aggressively into your carpet, with the smooth back end of a spoon.

Next, turn the spoon over, and gently scrape out the soap residue and water mixture from your carpet.  Repeat this step several times and then blot dry the area.  Doing this procedure, will leave a soap residue in your carpet, but it will most definitely remove the oil residue.  The next time you have Premier Carpet Cleaning come out to clean your house, removing the spot of soap residue, should be no problem at all; where the oil residue would probably pose a challenge and continue to worsen over time.

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