To clean by sea is not so clean!

I had a client the other day who asked a question and made a comment about Sea Water Carpet Cleaning.

Her neighbor had professional carpet cleaning performed and the technician from the company, used sea water to clean her carpets; which really impressed her neighbor.

After pondering the question for a bit, I admitted I never heard of such a thing!

Seawater, would be a very unsanitary thing to clean your carpets with.

I told the client that the carpet cleaning company in question, must be referring to a water softener on the truck, which uses a special kind of salt to filter the tap water through.  This process gives the water a better ability to rinse much more efficiently and greatly minimizes any and all soap or chemical residue left in the carpets after cleaning.

When carpets have less residue it means they stay cleaner longer and the overall feel of the carpet is softer and plush.

Great topic to bring up…thank you Betty!  Here at Premier Carpet Cleaning, our final rinsing process is done with a water softener as described above. It just makes good sense to use one and definitely provides our clients the carpet cleaning experience that deserve!

For questions regarding your carpet cleaning needs or concerns, please give us a call!

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