All professional carpet cleaning is the same!

Carpet Cleaning Sale Santa Rosa

This is probably the biggest misconception in the carpet cleaning industry and one that can bring many surprises to new and unsuspecting clients.

They look in some coupon book, find a screaming carpet cleaning deal, make a call and honestly expect someone will come out and clean all the carpets in the whole house, from top to bottom for an advertised 99 dollar special.

Carpet Cleaning Rug Santa RosaI am here to tell you that in order to do a really effective, and professional job, there is no way for a professional carpet cleaner to survive and be profitable at these rates. In order to do a truly premier cleaning job, time must be taken, and shortcuts must be eliminated. No way can a company offering these rates, maintain the cleaning equipment being used, pay for the gas needed, purchase all the chemicals required, and have enough left over to put food on the table.

The main objective to cheap advertised carpet cleaning rates is to sell, sell, sell additional products or services, which usually doubles or triples your bill in a blink.

I don’t know of many people out there who want to hire a professional cleaner to clean carpets that aren’t dirty.

One would think that spot treatment, would be included, along with anything else necessary to get the carpet is clean as possible.  This cannot be determined by an over the phone quote. In home quotes, are essential for everyone involved, as it solidifies a price for the client and the professional to agree on.  It also gives the service professional an opportunity to see what needs to be done, ask questions, and determine the most appropriate course of action to take to get your carpets as clean as possible.

At Premier Carpet Cleaning, we proudly stand by our name and the superb carpet cleaning we perform…

At Premier, our name says it all!

Give us a call for a free in home estimate today, you will be glad you did!


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