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Amazing Carpet Cleaning Services! Best Customer Service! My carpets and couches look as good as new! Thank you Jason for your great work!!

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  1. Pat Marcelli says:

    Again Jason did a great job cleaning my living room and dining room carpet. As always he takes his time and does a thorough cleaning. The cleaning seems to repel new dirt. And the carpet stays clean for a very long time. This time he also cleaned the tile floors in the entry way and the kitchen. This is just too much for me to do. And the floor looks better than new!

    Save some time for me after the holidays, Jason. The rest of the house is next.

    P. S. Jason is a very nice person. And if you ask he’ll show you pictures of his beautiful family.

  2. Tanya says:

    Jason is focused on one thing… doing an awesome job at a time that works for you. Even on short notice due to a pet emergency. You won’t meet a harder working and more sincere service professional. Jason makes a follow up call after every job… Every. Single. Time. That just doesn’t happen anymore.

    Here’s an example… several months after cleaning our carpets, one of our cats went on a rampage and thoroughly soaked a section of carpet on the stairs. We tried a very good enzymatic cleaner from the pet store. We actually made matters worse over the course of several months so we called Jason and he worked us in on a Friday evening. He tried to treat that section but the damage to both the carpet and the baseboard had been done. He asked if we had any remnants and spent two hours replacing a tricky section and treating the baseboard and sub flooring. He insisted on doing this work at no charge since he had recently cleaned the carpets. WHAT? While an extraordinary offer, clearly that was above and beyond the call of duty and we wouldn’t let him leave without paying him. His commitment to fixing the problem was exceptional.

  3. Jay Meiswinkel says:

    After working with many cleaning companies throughout California I found that having carpet cleaned by Premier Carpet with Jason was a breeze. His ability to bring back to life a heavy traffic and stained carpet was fantastic, economic and timesaving for rolling properties. Thank you Jason and we will be working together for future properties.

    Thank you again,

  4. Wonderful job. Jason is professional, friendly, knowledgeable and trustworthy. Have no fears about this gentleman working his fingers to the bone to give you the best ever carpet cleaning. He took the time to thoroughly explain the process to us, and worked very hard. This is no grab the cash and run operation. I have had “others” in the past who left the carpet very wet and sour smelling. Jason runs a top shelf operation. You will be satisfied.

  5. Lisa Sandretto says:

    Premier Carpet Cleaning came highly recommended and Jason did not disappoint! He is extremely knowledgeable and it was a pleasure doing business with him. My carpets look brand new.

    Thank you,

  6. Racheal says:

    Jason did an amazing job on my carpets! His company is by far the best carpet cleaning company I have ever used. I will continue to use him and I am referring my family and friends to him. When I was trying to get quotes for my carpets (which I had a special issue with mold going on) he was the only company that came to my house and talked to me. His customer service is great, he has a sense of humor and your carpets will look new…what more could you ask for! LOL

    Thank you,

  7. Jason was great, from the time he showed up to give us the estimate, till the job was done. He was funny, and great to work with, no pressure, just great advice. The carpet, well after years with dogs and teenagers we thought having it cleaned may buy us a few more years, it looks brand new. I think Jason was as surprised as we were. It is not often you run into a company that does what they say, when they say they are going to do it. Jason thank you for being the professional you are.

  8. Marcia says:

    Jason did a fabulous job both cleaning and stretching our carpet. He offered the stretching service in response to our concerns about the bubbles in the carpet and it turned out better than expected; I feel like I have a new carpet in the living room! He also is very straightforward — told us that a certain area might have a stain reappear and that we should call if that happened — it did happen and he came back quickly and took care of the residue — it looks great. Knowing that he stands by his work, can predict “hiccups” and will return if necessary is reassuring and shows his commitment to quality work. I highly recommend Premier.

  9. Jane Saxena says:

    I am so happy with Premier Carpet Cleaning. My carpets look new and boy they were in need of a good cleaning. A friend told me about Premier Carpet Cleaning. She said they are on the higher end but the service and cleaning job they do is worth it. She was so right!! Thank you Jason for making my house look brighter.

    Jane Saxena

  10. Ann Johnson says:

    To say that my living room carpet was pet stained is a gross understatement. My cat soaked a large portion of the carpet with urine. The smell was terrible and I thought I would have to have the entire room re-carpeted. Jason saved the day! He had to cut out a piece that measured about 5’x7′ and took it with him to soak out the odor. It took about a week – it was REALLY bad – but he just finished putting things back together this evening and it’s like it never happened. I highly recommend him. He’s worth every penny – and he saved me a bundle!

  11. Kathy H. says:

    I am so glad we chose Premier Carpet care! We just bought a home with a lovely carpet that had unfortunately been badly pet stained. We figured we would have to just spend the money to replace it, but thought we’d give carpet cleaning a chance. Jason felt he could save the carpet, and the results are amazing! Very impressed with the thoroughness and professional quality of the work!

  12. Cate Wallenfels, Novato says:

    Premier carpet cleaning has been an incredible experience for us. We use to clean our carpets once every 4 to 6 months only have the same spot show up again within the month. My friend referred Premier Carpet Cleaning and told me it was a bit on the expensive side but it was well worth it since you don’t have to clean your carpets as often. I was so amazed when they first cleaned my carpets- they looked brand new. The great thing is that they stayed that way for months if not a year- so really I’m paying the same as I would have with the other guys but my carpets look better longer and I know they are CLEAN. One other great thing is that those spots that always came back never come back again. I have a house with children, dogs and cats galore and have found Premier Carpet Cleaning to be a god send.

  13. Marie says:

    I just wanted to say Thank you so much!!! you did an AMAZING job.
    We had hired someone else to come clean our carpets especialy a certain area that had this stain that just seemed to not go away. And then you were recommended to us by a friend who said she just loved your company, and lets just say its been over a year and that stain has never returned!!!
    You are defenetly now our carpet cleaner!

    Thank you,

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