Allergy Relief

Suffering from indoor allergies?
Premier Carpet Cleaning is here to help!Allergy Relief Sonoma County, Allergy Help Santa Rosa

Here in Sonoma and Marin Counties, it is no secret that we suffer some of the worst cases of allergies in the entire world.

At Premier Carpet Cleaning, we have several solutions to help you keep the allergy causing pollutants and pollens in your home minimized to a noticeable degree.

Regular cleaning of carpets, upholstery cleaning, and mattress cleaning, will greatly reduce the allergy causing pollens and pollutants to a significant degree;

we also offer special treatments and environmentally safe allergy product applications, which when used in conjunction with cleaning will keep the dust mite situation under control too. Call Premier Carpet Cleaning now for a FREE in home Quote to get you on your way to allergy relief today.

Allergy Relief in Santa Rosa, Carpet CleaningDust mites are microscopic creatures that are around us in huge numbers. Under intense magnification, one can see these are not the most adorable life forms in existence; however they themselves are harmless to you. The problem with these small visitors is the fecal matter they produce. Dust mite feces, is one of the biggest allergens known to man, and its everywhere! It is in the Upholstery, carpets, mattresses….and yes, anywhere dust is present. Premier Carpet Cleaning, offers a specialized treatment, that can be used in conjunction with our cleaning process. This treatment is environmentally safe and works by making the environment of the dust mite, unpleasant smelling to them, which in turn causes most of them to stay away. This of course translates into fewer dust mites which means fewer fecal deposits, which means less allergies to you. What a great way to live!