Area Rug Cleaning

Area Rug Cleaning Santa Rosa, Area Rug Cleaning Rohnert ParkArea Rug Cleaning is pretty common in our industry, however the methods vary widely and from company to company. There is a right way to do things, and a wrong way to do things, and here at Premier Carpet Cleaning we aim to do things as correctly as you allow us to.

What does that mean?

To restoratively clean an Oriental rug, or Area rug, we highly recommend using what is known as a Submersion Process. This method is the most thorough in its cleaning power, and most gentle on the rugs life span and appearance.

The Submersion Process ensures the cleanest result possible and literally doubles the necessary time between cleanings. Submersion rug cleaning is most gentle on the carpets but admittedly is more of an investment.

The flip side is the companies who treat your area rugs like they are your wall to wall carpet. This method is acceptable in the case of synthetic carpets, or very inexpensive rugs, or in the case where there is no personal value to the rug being cleaned.

Any rug can be cleaned like this, but each time this cleaning style is performed; microscopic damage occurs at a far more rapid rate than submersion cleaning.  The frequency of cleaning when done on the cheap, end up making more frequent rug cleaning necessary.  We recommend you weigh it out, clean your rugs once every 2-5 years with minimal microscopic damage; or clean your rugs once every 6-12 months with a process that ensures the carpet will wear out more rapidly. Both methods have their place.


Need additional cleaning services?

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