Pet Odor Removal


We love our pets!

However, Pet Odor Removal is complicated to say the least!

It can be difficult to detect the main source of the odor in your carpet, rugs or upholstery, without tearing apart the whole

This of course, refers to cleaning from the surface side only.  This is done using neutralizers, and deodorizers, and the whole process in this fashion is great for removing much of the odor, yet very rarely ensures complete odor removal from your carpets, rugs and upholstery.

Taken a step further, when we use a restorative approach to Pet Odor removal, we can greatly reduce, and in many cases, completely eliminate all detectable odors to you and your human loved ones.

At Premier Carpet Cleaning, we offer the finest Odor removal available today!



But make note, your canine and feline family and friends smell things in a whole new light; the most effective way to keep odor away after Premier Carpet Cleaning has restored your home or business, is to keep the pets away from these difficult to treat textiles.

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