Upholstery Cleaning


Upholstery Restoration Upholstery Cleaning and Restoration can be complicated. When done correctly, one cannot deny the difference it makes in appearance, longevity, and freshness of your household furniture. Many companies out there prefer to avoid cleaning Upholstery because the risk factor is greater with upholstery cleaning then probably any other textile in your home. Fabric identification, color stability, shrinkage, and inadequate drying all play a role in deterring cleaners from making the attempt. Here at Premier Carpet Cleaning we love cleaning Upholstery. Once a piece of Upholstery has been properly restored there is nothing quite like it. We take the time and steps necessary to ensure that every cleaning project we take on is brought back to the very best restorative state possible. Not to mention we guarantee everything we touch.

Upholstery Stain Guard –Whenever a piece of furniture is restoratively cleaned, it is ALWAYS recommended to apply a stain protector to the fabric.  Stain protector, will help to keep your upholstery clean, and help in making it last many years!  Fabric, by its nature, is thin and delicate.  Often times placement of upholstery in homes, is focused in areas with intense sunlight, and UV exposure. All these factors, can play havoc on the materials in your upholstery, and ultimately greatly shorten the life of the upholstery.  Without the aid of Stain protectors, fabrics become more brittle and the colors more unstable, or easily faded.  It also makes your upholstery harder to clean and easier to stain. In short, if you invest in the cleaning of your upholstery, we highly recommend you invest in our Premier Upholstery Protection.  With Premier Upholstery Protection, your newly cleaned upholstered furniture will stay that way!  The Premier Upholstery Protection will also protect the delicate fabrics of your upholstered furniture for many years to come!  As always at Premier Carpet Cleaning, we Guarantee the results!