Master of all trades, jack of none!

It’s amazing to me how many carpet cleaning professionals do the smallest amount of necessary work to complete the job in the fastest amount of time.  These companies often charge very little in dollars and cents, and bank on the fact that the naive client will assume...

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Be Well Prepared for Storm Season

Here are tips to make sure you are prepared for storm season: Clean out gutters and downspouts. Check the roof for any broken or missing tiles or shingles. Check all exterior walls for any caulking failure. Replace caulking around windows and doors as needed. Check...

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Do I need to have my upholstery dry cleaned?

My upholstered furniture has a care label that states that only “dry sol-vents” be used for spot cleaning. Do I need to have it dry cleaned?     NO. These labels are directed at the consumer. Since most consumers are not trained in fiber identification, dye...

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6 months


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Stain and Spot Warranty


Warranty for Texture Retention


Fade Resistance Warranty