Carpet Repairs

There are several situations, where repairing your existing carpet, makes complete sense.  Carpet-Repairs-Santa-Rosa

Our most famous carpet repairs, are burns from the spitting fire place, frayed doorway edges compliments of the dog, who accidentally got locked in the room and did everything possible to get out; the red Kool-Aid stain, that refuses to come out of your carpet even after many attempts….etc. etc.


The list goes on and on. In cases like this, we can most often make these damaged areas, look brand new again without having to replace the entire carpet.


Our Expert Carpet Care Specialists will advise you on the best possible carpet repair, depending on the situation.  Call us today for your FREE in home quote for your special circumstances.


Carpet Re-stretching

it is natural for new carpet to loosen within the first years after a new carpet installation. carpet-restretching-santa-rosa

This occurs normally with all carpets due to environment, weather, frequency of use and traffic wear; along with quality of padding and carpet in general.  Carpet Re-Stretching, would be considered premature in the first year of course, but pretty normal after 3-4 years as your carpet ages and wears in. Once the latexes in the carpet have broken down and loosened a bit, a nice re-stretch is appropriate to make certain your carpets last and look great for many years to come.

Loose carpet is an obvious sign that your carpet is in need of re-stretching.  This can be seen when you start to notice wrinkles all over the carpet, especially in high traffic areas.  If you begin to notice this happening with your carpets, it is imperative you have the carpets re-stretched, to ensure maximize life expectancy.
If left alone or unchecked, what begins as simple loose carpeting or wrinkles, can literally cut the life expectancy of your carpets in half.
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